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>Saturday nuggets…..

>A number of items on this Saturday.

-First, great effort by the Wildcats football team last night. They weren’t able to pull it out, but they gave it their best, and hopefully sent some people, re: Hazen, a message. More on that game throughout the upcoming week.

-On the college front, WSU women’s volleyball falls at ASU 25-22, 25-18, 15-25, 25-22. It’s just the Sun Devils’ second win this season in conference. Faith Hutcherson (WSU/Jr/Ames Lake)had five digs and an ace on serve.

-On the cooler, three items of interest:

-A Massachusetts judge, according to the Boston Herald, will allow charges against a Boston-area high school football player for his alleged head-butt of an opposing player during a game earlier this season. The alleged head-butter had already been suspended two games for his actions. Read the story and see more, especially what role the victim’s mom played in getting it this far. Discuss. This a case of a whiny, overprotective parent trying to game the system to get her way or is this an appropriate charge?

-A Cleveland Plain-Dealer editorial is calling on Ohio high school sports officials to enact new rules regarding punishments assessed to schools for eligibilty violations resulting from clerical errors. As all of you remember, Washington became a bit of a laughingstock over this same issue a couple of years ago, remember the big controversy surrounding Archbishop Murphy after their longtime coach, Terry Ennis, passed away? So maybe Ohio officials should call Renton and talk to WIAA chief Mike Colbrese about this, and maybe Colbrese can give the Ohioans some ideas, since new rules were implemented here following the Ennis debacle.

-A school in Indiana has been sued over their barring two sophomore girls from fall sports and other activities, among other things, after suggestive photos they took over the summer and put on their MySpace pages found their way into the hands of the school’s principal. According to this story from the Associated Press, several legal experts believe that this case is only the latest in a trend which could force schools to change the way they deal with off-campus student behavior in this online age. One, infact, told the AP she thinks these issues will have to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

We have a soccer wrap for you here coming up. So keep checking in and we’ll keep you updated.


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October 31, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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>College update

>We have scores from last night and early today involving local collegians.

-Western Washington men’s soccer takes care of SPU 4-0 last night. Fall City junior Gibson Bardsley scored a goal in the 67th minute for Western off a feed from teammate Darragh Sim; the tally was Bardsley’s fourth of the season.

-Today, tough loss for Gonzaga (Scott Barnum/Sr/Fall City). Zags fall in OT 1-0 to Santa Clara. Broncos score game winner in 93rd minute, ruining solid six-save performance by Barnum.

-Volleyball last night sees Idaho win 25-21, 21-25, 25-23, 31-29 over New Mexico State in a barnburner in Moscow. Mercer Island freshman Janelle Chow with a pair of aces and 10 digs for Vandals, who once again don’t use North Bend freshman Miranda Pratt. This late in the year, the guess is they’re redshirting her.

-Game tonight for WSU women’s volleyball, @ Arizona State, report in morning.

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October 30, 2009 at 11:25 pm

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>Another shocker in cross country

>EDITOR’S NOTE: No room in print, so here it is now. Cross country wrap from the district event yesterday.

The postseason has been full of surprises for the Mount Si cross country program. First, it was senior Zac Pearlstein missing out on districts with a surprisingly low finish at the league boys’ meet, then at that same meet on the girls’ side, seeing someone from the Wildcats finish ahead of star Alex Rudd as three girls including Rudd finished in the top ten.

The district meet yesterday at Lake Sammamish State Park once again had an element of surprise for the girls: two made it to state. But not among those was who would have been expected to go, and that was Rudd.

The senior missed out on a four-for-four state tournament string, finishing a surprising 31st with a time of 20:47.94. Megan Past and Kendall Maddux, the other two Wildcat ladies whose strong league finishes made headlines and caused expectations of multiple state entrants to rise, both made state, but barely. Senior Past (20:12.56) finished 18th, while sophomore Maddux (20:13.28) came in right behind in 19th. Only the top 20 individuals from those teams who didn’t make it to state as a team qualified. Mount Si as a team did not make it; they finished 8th.

Both Past and Maddux will be making their first state appearances each next weekend.

Meanwhile, on the boys’ side, Michael Blackmon finished 39th with a time of 17:26.04, missing out on a trip east.

The state cross country meet is next Saturday at Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco. Both Past and Maddux are expected to make the trip next Friday across the pass. They will be joined by coaches and their families.

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October 30, 2009 at 9:04 pm

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>Preview and predictions for the Wildcat volleyball team at the Kingco Tournament

>Not only is football on our mind, volleyball is as well, as the Wildcats begin play at the Kingco Tournament tonight. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.


The Wildcats come in as the #1 seed into the tournament after a 12-0 league record. Mount Si needless to say swept both of these teams in regular season play, in both cases the two matches against each team were three-game victories.

Mount Si knows what it will get from their workhorses of Zoe Gogan, Aubrey Larion, Robyn Schirmer and Shelagh Macaulay, and that is strong play. So we will instead focus on two girls whose supporting efforts will be ultimately the key: freshman Lauren Smith and junior Baylee Sinner.

Smith has developed into a player who has shown she is capable of succeeding at this level. Smith’s play has improved steadily throughout the season, and she hasn’t shown any signs of being intimidated. Her efforts have earned the praise of coach Bonnie Foote, and she will need to keep this up to help take the load off the four girls we mentioned previously.

Sinner against Issaquah struggled mightily as the Eagles kept peppering her with serves. It was not fun to watch Issy torture her like that. Well, Sinner has improved quite a bit from that rough night, and against Bellevue looked good, playing at a very high level. As the libero, the defensive specialist, she will be counted on to set a lot of things up for the main hands of Gogan, Schirmer, Larion, and Macaulay, so look for her to have a very important role.

The one issue of concern to us is Mount Si has not had a wake-up loss yet, similar to the one they had last year against Juanita. In the games where they have been flat at times, the Wildcats responded well and won those contests. Mount Si can not slip up now or their chances of returning to the Tri-Cities likely go up in smoke.

Look for the Wildcats to do well this weekend and get a high seed to districts.

Predictions for matches:

Round 1
-Juanita over Sammamish in 3
-Liberty over Bellevue in 4 (We think based on what we’ve seen of these two teams in person that the Patriots appear to be the slightly better team)

-MI over Juanita in 4
-Mount Si over Liberty in 3

3/4 game
-Juanita over Liberty in 4

-Mount Si over MI in 5

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October 30, 2009 at 3:30 pm

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>Preview and prediction for this week’s Mount Si-Liberty football game

>Before we get to the preview and prediction for tonight, we here at the blog want to send a quick shout-out to coach Tom Bainter and the Bothell Cougars, who pulled off the upset of the year in Washington high school football taking out Skyline 25-20 for the Kingco 4A title last night. Bainter, for those who don’t know, prior to becoming a head coach cut his teeth as an assistant coach here at Mount Si under Charlie Kinnune, and he was also a PE teacher at the school. Those of you who had sons or daughters who went to Mount Si around the time he was here know he was very popular with a lot of the kids. So in a sense, there’s a few of us that secretly hope Bothell does well in the playoffs, because there’s a little hint of scarlet and gray there.

We wish the Cougars luck in the postseason, and also wish Skyline the same.

Now to the preview.


Tonight’s game for us is a tough one to call, and let us explain. If this were a game that was simply about better talent, Liberty would be the favorite hands down. If this were a game that was simply about whose depth was better, we would, albeit slightly, favor the Patriots as well. But tonight’s game isn’t as simple as black and white. Here’s why:

-Could the #3 seed be a better seed to land? As all of you know, it looks like that seed will play Hazen in the first round, and Liberty beat them handidly earlier this season. We also suspect Mount Si would probably take care of the Highlanders as well in the game. It’s a much closer game compared to the one that the #2 seed would land, down in Camas. So the question comes up: how do both coaches approach this contest? Do they go all out or do they play conservatively keeping in mind that they wouldn’t want top players, such as Patriots QB Trey Wheeler, RB Chandler Jenkins or WR Jake Bainton, or Wildcats RB Matt Bankston, QB Chris Clark, and WR’s Rossco Castagno and Jordin Kinnune, to get injured and be out for next week’s game?

And by the way, beating Hazen out of that #3 seed gets Bellevue, and you all saw how close Liberty was to beating them last week. So there could be some advantages to landing that seed.

-Weather. Again, rain in the forecast, which means keeping it on the ground. Jenkins is among the best running backs on the Eastside, and Bankston is coming off his back injury he suffered in that game last week. So again, if it were simply on talent, we’d give the advantage to Liberty. But, read the above item again about the seeding advantage.

-Senior night and home field. Mount Si will have a lot of fans tonight as the community celebrates the class of 2010 and their accomplishments on the field, which are lengthy this season. So it can be argued the seniors tonight will want to play a great game to show the fans how much they’ve improved this season and that they will be ready to take on all comers come playoff time.

So with those intangibles, it makes this game much, much closer than what most observers see (the guy on the Times board has this 35-17 Liberty). We, at the end of the day, are going to give a slight edge to Liberty, but hey, people gave a slight edge to Juanita last week, and look what happened. Meaning it wouldn’t surprise us if the Wildcats were able to do it tonight.


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October 30, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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>From volleyball, the good and the bad……..


A couple of notes from volleyball of interest today:

-The good comes from Mount Si, where one of their top reserve players has been handed a position which will bring with it a tremendous amount of responsiblity off the floor. The high school announced in their parent newsletter, out today, that Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson has appointed junior Amanda Gates (right) to be the youth member on Snoqualmie’s Arts Commission, which handles issues related to the promotion of the arts within the city. Gates and her fellow members on the commission review art for placement around the city and also work to secure grants and donations to help further the arts within the community. Gates was one of two students appointed by Larson to city commissions; the other, junior Austin Rillos, was appointed to become a youth member of the Snoqualmie Economic Development Commission, which deals with issues related to attracting and keeping businesses within the community, very important since that deals with jobs and the overall quality of life in the Valley.

Mayor Larson should be praised for giving these fine individuals this opportunity to serve, and here’s hoping their perspective on these issues will be helpful to these commissions.

We, BTW, are hoping to get a photo of Gates, but that may not come down until Monday.

-Now to the bad. Out of Minnesota, a high school in New Ulm has handed down some pretty heavy punishment against 40 students who attended a recent volleyball game and whose behavior was deemed to be unacceptable by match officials. Among those suspended were nearly a dozen football players, and they get to sit out two games for their roles in the incident.
The link is to an AP, here’s a local article on this matter.


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October 29, 2009 at 9:01 pm

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>What can happen when school spirit gets a little out of hand……

>Our cooler topic comes to us from the Bay Area this morning, where administrators at Palo Alto High School have suspended scores of students and are threatening to cancel Homecoming week activities after an incident Tuesday night at a nearby high school, where kids from PAHS allegedly threw eggs at one another. No injuries from what we can tell, but administrators at the other school reported a mess afterwards.

Palo Alto for those who don’t already know is the home of Stanford University.

Discuss. We would love to see Mount Si ASB president Zac Pearlstein’s take on this.

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October 29, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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