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>Here’s your afternoon update on this Wednesday……

>We have a lot on the plate this afternoon regarding all three events we are following this week, so let’s get to it.

We’ll start with yesterday’s WJGA golf subdistrict at Carnation, where the Valley contingent had a big day. It was all led by the two locals competing in the 16-17 boys age division, who put together a top two sweep in the event to both qualify for the WJGA state tournament. Winning that group was North Bend’s Jack Kelly, who fired a round of 70 on the Carnation Golf Course layout. The Wildcat senior to be is competing today in the Junior World state event in Tumwater; we’ll have full results on that tomorrow. In second two strokes back was Snoqualmie’s Sean Ballsmith; the Eastside Catholic golfer fired a 72 to also make state.

North Bend’s Maggie Robinson punched a state berth in the 16-17 girls with a round of 89. This accomplishment for Robinson is another big one, continuing a string of significant accomplishments for this Mount Si senior-to-be; first, it was making the high school state tournament, then making it to the second day, and now, competing for the first time this summer in the WJGA tour, making state in her second chance. Great stuff Maggie. Fellow North Bender Claire Lucas just missed picking up a berth to state firing a round of 92; the state qualifiers shot rounds of 91. She’ll have another shot next week at Snoqualmie Falls GC in Fall City and we wish her luck there.

North Bend’s James Grice carded a round of 84 in the 13-14 age group and missed qualifying for state by a couple of strokes, and Snoqualmie’s Caitlin Maralack fired a 51 (nine holes) in the girls’ 8-11 age division. She qualified for state at last week’s event.

As noted already, the next tournament is next week at Snoqualmie Falls GC in Fall City.

Now to softball, and a good start for the U-16 Ladyhawks-Gildea down at the Colorado Fireworks softball tournament in Denver. This team, with Mount Si’ers Maura Murphy and Anisa Wingsness and former Fall City LL’er (current Eastlake player) Sophie Palenscar split today’s action. Ladyhawks opened with a 5-2 win over the U-18 Riverside Rookies Gold from Riverside, CA, before falling 8-4 to the U-18 River City Rebels from suburban Jacksonville, FL. The U-16 Ladyhawks team is playing “up” against top U-18 teams in this week’s tournament, being attended by coaches from numerous colleges all over the country. Ladyhawks’ next games are tomorrow.

As for the other local team we’re paying attention to, the WA Phoenix U-18 are currently playing at the Colorado Sparkler, also in Denver. This team features three Mount Si players: Alex Johnson, Danielle Massengill and Megan Stone. Their games are this afternoon and we’ll have results in the morning for you.

In Reno, continued struggles for the KJ 18s girls’ volleyball team at the Junior Nationals. KJ, with Wildcat player Aubrey Larion and former ‘Cat Summer Nash, did open today’s play with a two-set win over Asics MAVS from Kansas City 25-22, 25-20, but KJ then lost its next two matches. They were swept in two by Laguna Beach 18s from Orange County, CA, then were taken care of in two by the Alamo Kaepa from San Antonio. Scores against LB were 25-16, 25-21 in favor of the ladies from the Southland, and the score against Alamo was 25-19, 25-22 in favor of the ladies from Texas. KJ is 1-5 thus far, so their chances of finishing high in the event are pretty much out of the question at this point.

Island Thunder and SIVBC, two other teams we are following there, play tonight. More on them as well in the morning.

We should also add we just got off the phone with Mount Si girls’ basketball coach Megan Botulinski, who is in LaGrande, OR, with her team at a summer camp there. She told us things are going well down there. We will be covering them at the upcoming Mid-Summer Nights Madness tournament in Kirkland and have a story for you later this month in the Valley Record.


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June 30, 2010 at 11:49 pm

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>Good morning. Here’s the news from Reno….

>The other two local volleyball teams we are following at the USA Junior Nationals in Reno fared a bit better than their KJ counterparts yesterday, but they too will have a tough time if they want to finish high in the event.

Island Thunder VB, featuring recent Mount Si grad Robyn Schirmer, went 1-2 in the U-18 “American” division. ITVC opened tournament play with a win over Club Red from Raleigh/Durham, NC, then fell to teams from California and Missouri.

ITVC beat Club Red in two, 27-25, 25-17, then was dominated by NorCal Black of Pleasanton in a 25-15, 25-14 loss. The Island Thunder team closed out the day with a loss to Midwest Xplosion of Springfield, MO, 25-18. 26-24.

Meanwhile, it was a similar result for Sudden Impact VB from Issaquah, also with a recent Mount Si grad on its roster, that being Shelagh Macaulay. Competing in the U-18 “National” division, SIVBC also opened with a win, but fell in their next two. SIVBC beat regional rival Webfoot from Eugene 25-22, 25-19, then fell to Golcden Bear VB from the East Bay of northern California 25-21, 25-21. Sudden Impact then wrapped up the day with a match against a team from Washington, DC, and it was a thriller. SIVBC was on the short end, however, falling to Metro American from DC 22-25, 25-11, 16-14.

These two teams and KJ will play later today, and we’ll have updates on that, and on the golf and softball as well as we get info.

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June 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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>Tough day today for KJ in Reno

>The dreams of a national title for KJ’s U-18 girls volleyball team (former Mount Si player Summer Nash and soon-to-be Wildcat senior Aubrey Larion) took a big hit today as they opened the Junior Nationals tournament with three losses.

KJ fell in two, 25-16 and 25-19, to Sports Shack Asics from Los Angeles, then was on the short end of two three-set thrillers; first to Nebraska Elite from Omaha (26-24, 23-25, 15-6), then to Central Cal Gold from Clovis, CA (22-25, 25-13, 18-16).

KJ tomorrow takes on teams from San Antonio, Kansas City and Laguna Beach, CA.

The other two local teams we are following there, the ITVC 18s and the SIVBC 18s play this evening. Results in the morning on those teams.

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June 29, 2010 at 11:53 pm

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>Could the college recruiting landscape change for Mount Si and its athletes?

>Could the rules be changing for college recruiting of high school athletes, including Mount Si’s? If the NCAA has its way, the answer will be yes.

An NCAA panel, according to the AP, announced last week that it plans to support a proposal to change the recruiting rules significantly. The AP reports that the proposed new rules, if passed, would bar colleges from making scholarship offers to high school athletes until after July 1 of the summer before their senior year. Further, to even offer one to an athlete the coach would have to receive transcripts documenting the grades at least seven quarters of academic classes that athlete takes in order to ensure the athlete is meeting academic requirements.

The panel also wants to make changes to the calling standards as well. This change, if approved, according to this story would allow colleges to phone recruits and their families once a month from June 15 of their sophomore year to July 31 of their junior year, then that would be bumped up to two per week. This rule is currently being employed with men’s basketball and would expand to all sports except football if those changes are passed.

An athletic administrator at UCLA who is part of the committee told the AP the rule changes are being proposed after some recruits and their parents indicated colleges were making them decide quicker than they wanted to, before they had a full read on what academic programs the schools were offering and whether that would fit their child’s academic needs. Further, coaches were indicating that there was an arms race developing in that other schools were offering scholarships to younger players and that they had to do the same or lose out on the best possible recruits.

One Mount Si coach is pleased with the possible changes. “I personally like it,” said Wildcat volleyball coach Bonnie Foote, who has seen several of her top players be recruited to play college volleyball at NCAA universities during her nearly ten years at the helm at Mount Si. “There is so much pressure on kids to commit early! I think if there is a rule like this it will relieve that pressure for our athletes,” she added in an email.

Wildcat soccer coach Darren Brown also hopes the committee will recognize the pressure young athletes and their families feel in choosing a school. “The kids these days have tremendous pressure on them. Way more than 10-20 years ago,” Brown said by email to SVS. “Requirements to get into D1 universities are not only extremely competitive but, if the groundwork has not been executed by the student-athlete and the parent by the junior season….many athletes are left in the dark.”

Mount Si’s veteran soccer coach also has seen what can happen if athletes don’t do their homework. “I have seen a handful of athletes miss this opportunity to play at the next level because of this,” Brown said. He added his support for the proposed changes. “The recruiting process needs an overhaul as a whole for the bar of excellence to rise,” the coach said.

Such changes if adopted likely will not take effect until the 2011-2012 school year.

So we ask. You like the changes or not, and why? Post in comments and we also have a poll at right.

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June 29, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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>Previews of the week’s big events

>This week is full of big events on both the local and national levels in three different sports – volleyball, softball and golf. So let us provide you a quick look at what to expect in each of this week’s events.

The USA Junior Volleyball Nationals start tomorrow in Reno for the U-18 group. Three teams with Wildcat volleyball connections will be competing – these are KJ 18 Baden, with ex-Wildcat Summer Nash and soon-to-be Mount Si senior Aubrey Larion; ITVC 18s,  with recentWildcat grad Robyn Schirmer, and SIVBC 18s,  with another recent Mount Si grad, Shelagh Macaulay.

The KJ team will be competing in the Open division, which features the best of the best. They punched their ticket with a solid showing at a tournament earlier this spring in Minneapolis which we reported on both here and in the Valley Record. Their pool play features seven opponents, three of which hail from Southern California, which should arguably make this thing a good test for sure, as California teams tend to do very well at national events in many sports, volleyball included. KJ will also face teams from Kansas City, Omaha, San Antonio, and northern California during the course of the next couple of days.

ITVC will be competing in the American Division – they punched their ticket with a solid showing at the local qualifier earlier this spring. They will face five teams in pool play, two of which hail from Missouri. They will also face a pair of teams from California and one from all the way back in Raleigh/Durham, NC. We would anticipate this to be a good test for this team as well.

SIVBC is competing in the National Division and like their ITVC counterparts, locked their berth up with a strong showing in the local qualifier tournament earlier this spring. They, too, in their pool action will face five clubs, mostly Western-based teams, but they also will be facing a team from Washington, D.C. They also will take on teams from Denver, Tucson, and the Bay Area in addition to Northwest rival Webfoot from Eugene, OR. Should be interesting.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on things and keep you posted.

Two big tournaments in Colorado this week will be drawing teams from around the country, including a couple of local ones with Mount Si players.

Washington Ladyhawks 16s will be competing in the Fireworks U-18 tournament, and the WA Phoenix will be playing in the Sparkler 18 Gold tournament. Both tournaments are in Denver.

WA Phoenix (Megan Stone/Danielle Massengill/Alex Johnson, all soon-to-be Mount Si srs.) will be competing against some really good competition in this big college exposure event. Phoenix faces teams from San Jose, Los Angeles and Dallas in their pool play to start the tournament, and the event has drawn college scouts from all over the place, including PLU, Western Washington and Whitworth from Spokane.

WA Ladyhawks (Maura Murphy and Anisa Wingsness, Mount Si jrs. to be and Sophie Palenscar, Eastlake so. to be and former FCLL All Star player) will be playing up this week; this team is a U-16 team and will be playing top U-18 teams in the Fireworks event. Murphy knows what its like to play older competition and be successful; she was part of a NW Ladysharks Faist team last year which did a lot of that, and it served them well in finishing third in the U-14 tournament last year, which apparently was the highest Washington State team finish ever in that particular tournament. Ladyhawks gets a good test, facing teams from Kansas City, Houston, Jacksonville and southern California during their pool play this week. Among the colleges who will be paying attention include Idaho State, Whitworth and Boise State.

A new feature this season is the top U-18 team from the Sparkler will compete against the top U-18 team from the Fireworks in a nationally televised game. This is due to the two tournaments essentially merging their operations together starting this season. According to a news release, the tournaments draw over 650 teams to the Denver area during this week leading up to the Fourth of July, resulting in over 28,000 people coming to the area and leaving lots of cash behind, to the tune of over $25 million of direct economic impact to the region during the course of this week, mostly in hotel, restaurant and tourist activity spending. (Editorial comment: You folks who promote sports in the Seattle area should take note of this. And the nice thing is, a lot of teams would probably come up here just for the fact the weather will be a lot more tolerable in this part of the country. The weather forecast for this week, according to KUSA, the NBC station in Denver, is low to mid-90’s with lots of sunshine; here in Seattle, you’re lucky to hit 70, with a few rain showers.)

So we’ll be sure to keep an eye on things.

The WJGA’s second subdistrict event is tomorrow in Carnation. The full contingent of Valley competitors who competed in last week’s event in Seattle will be back this week, joined by Mount Si senior-to-be Jack Kelly, who will be rather busy the next two days; in addition to tomorrow’s event, he competes in the Junior World event on Wednesday in Tumwater. One thing which could be troublesome for the players is they will have to play quick; tournament organizers have instituted a series of speed-up rules designed to get everything done within five hours. They had a problem with this last week and the fear from the association’s directors, in a letter they posted on their website, is their ability to schedule courses for tournaments in the future could be affected if the tournaments continue to run long. So the challenge for most of the competitors will be making decisions quickly and sticking with it.

Look for Kelly, North Bend’s Maggie Robinson and Snoqualmie’s Sean Ballsmith to lead the local contingent tomorrow.

So there you have it. We’ll be sure to follow all of this for you and give you information as we get it here.

Also on the plate this week – a new NCAA proposal is afoot which could change how the recruiting process works. We’ll tell you more and get some reaction from a couple of Mount Si coaches.

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June 29, 2010 at 12:42 am

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>News and notes…..

>A few other things of note today:

-Falls LL’s baseball Coast Invitational run is over, they were shut out 11-0 yesterday by Redmond North in a loser-out game at the tournament in Snoqualmie.

-Great news concerning one recently graduated Mount Si football star. Aaron Moetului, who was Mount Si’s lone rep at yesterday’s All-State football game, was awarded the Tony Whitfield Scholarship for his efforts during the week leading up to the game. In that week prior to the contest, there were a number of practices and other activities for the players. The award goes to a player who is not planning on playing college football, and Moetului, despite his excellence with the Wildcats, was not able to find a college to hook up with for this fall. But, this scholarship has changed that, as it appears he may now look at attending Green River Community College in Auburn and playing on their club football team (CC’s in Washington do not offer football as an official interscholastic sport). This is the first time a Mount Si player has been given this award. Great work Aaron. By the way, the East beat the West in the game yesterday up at Everett Memorial Stadium.

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June 27, 2010 at 6:50 pm

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>Snoqualmie Valley residents compete in the Rock and Roll Marathon

>A total of 33 Snoqualmie Valley residents competed in yesterday’s Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle. Here are the top finishers from each Valley community:

North Bend – Steven Kent, 3:01:57, 41st overall in the men’s event, top Valley finisher
Snoqualmie – Jessica Heyting, 3:54:11
Fall City – Jeffrey Radek, 3:23:00

Times reported here are the “chip times”.

All the results, including chip and actual clock times, for the marathon and half marathon are here. Good job to all the competitors.

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June 27, 2010 at 6:44 pm

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