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>Random thoughts on this Monday….

>A couple of things which are of interest to us today:

-Many of you have heard about the 108-3 girls basketball game involving two Salt-Lake area high schools recently, and how a lot of people thought the winning school was running up the score. So much so that school apologized to the other team.

While we agree with what the coach told KTVX-TV about this (he told them that he had been on the other side of this type of game, then went on and said, “It was very insulting when teams slowed the ball down and just passed it around. That’s why I’d rather have a team play me straight up, and that’s why I played them straight up. Because I didn’t want to taunt them, I didn’t want to embarrass them, I didn’t want them to think we could do whatever we want.” He added that he only had nine players available for the game and didn’t employ a tough full-court defense), there is someone who didn’t share the same sentiment. Mount Si’s coach, Megan Botulinski, was sent a link to this story by us, and she disagreed with what happened. “I don’t agree with it,” she told SVS. “(T)here are definite ways to control a game, and I would assume there were a lot of those ways not employed,” she added.

That kind of debate has ensued all over the country since it occurred, and we find it to be unfortunate, since what this whole thing appears to be is a simple case of a good team playing a team who is way overmatched. But, league alignments are what they are, and you will have these kinds of mismatches. One way you can negate such mismatches is by instituting a mercy rule. As far as we can tell, Utah doesn’t have one, but Washington does (it was instituted this year, and Mount Si’s girls have already played one game under such conditions – their win January 7 over Sammamish, most of the fourth quarter was played under these rules). The rule stipulates that if one team is leading by 40 points or more over an opposing team in the second half of a game, then the clock will run continuously except for timeouts, change of quarter and free throws. Perhaps Utah should look at implementing such a rule. There’s a number of other things we’d look at doing, too, but we’ll save those for later.

-Another item which generated a lot of headlines last week was the story out of Wenatchee about the cancellation of the wrestling season at Eastmont High School over health concerns involving some of the wrestlers. Several illnesses, among them ringworm, have been contracted by the athletes, according to this story from the Wenatchee World, and the district had an independent firm in over the weekend to conduct an investigation into the school’s procedures for prevention of these illnesses.

Wrestling programs around the state know the risks of their sport, and take great care to prevent this. We asked Mount Si coach Tony Schlotfeldt about this, and he told SVS his program goes the extra mile to protect the athletes. “We sanitize our mats daily before practice, and have a shoe cleaning system that disinfects shoes before we step on the mat. Wrestlers take mandatory showers after practicing and bring two pair of workout clothes to practice. We also apply a skin protectant to help reduce the spread of ringworm and such,” he said. Many other programs in the state also go to these lengths as well, which we think is a good idea.

A lot of folks around the state have been, and will continue to pay attention to this story, as it will likely affect how schools address these issues in the future. And we think this attention should be welcomed, because we are, after all, talking about the safety of kids here.

More later…..


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January 31, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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>College scoreboard

>We have a lot today for you, and it started a little bit ago with part two of our series on the state high school sports tournament changes. Anyway, we have college results for you:

-From the basketball floor, Portland’s men handed league leader St. Mary’s their first conference loss yesterday, beating the Gaels 85-70. Pilot freshman Tanner Riley, from North Bend, scored three points and collected four rebounds in 17 minutes of action. Portland hosts Gonzaga Thursday night at the Chiles Center.

-On the women’s side, Humboldt State fell to UCSD 63-61. ‘Jacks sophomore Caitie Richards, from Snoqualmie, played five minutes and collected a rebound and assist each, but didn’t score any points. Looks as if the coaches are slowly getting her back into the swing of things after having been out for several weeks after injuries earlier this season.

USMMA freshman Chase Goulart,
from Fall City, races in the 1000m
freestyle last Sunday against the U.S.
Coast Guard Academy.
(Courtesy photo)

-From the pool, and apologies to the Goulart’s for not mentioning this sooner, but U.S. Merchant Marine Academy freshman Chase Goulart, from Fall City, had a solid performance for the Mariners during a meet last weekend against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Goulart, seen at right racing in the 1000m freestyle, finished in third in both that race (10:15.30) and in the 500m freestyle (5:08.63).

The Coast Guard Academy took the team title in the meet, 174-123.

USMMA travels to Iona for a meet tomorrow.

-Also, from indoor track, we have this for you concerning Eastern Washington’s Drake da Ponte, from Snoqualmie and a Mount Si grad, who along with his teammates was at the Dempsey Indoor meet at the UW.

da Ponte, racing the final leg of the men’s distance medley relay, passed a Simon Fraser runner on the next to last lap of the race last Friday, helping the Eagles win the race, in a time of 10:06.28. We have video of this for you here, courtesy of

He also took fifth in his heat in the men’s mile (4:14.86), we have that video for you here, also courtesy of Flotrack.

And while we’re on the subject of the Dempsey Indoor, we should also note another Mount Si grad was competing in the women’s pole vault. UW freshman Georgia Reynolds, from North Bend, competing as an unattached competitor, finished tied for ninth in the event (11′ 3 3/4″). This followed a strong second-place effort in the Dempsey Preview meet January 15 (10′ 10 1/4″). So we will be sure to keep an eye on her for you as well.

More later.

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January 30, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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>SnoValley Sports looks at the state tournament changes, and what they mean for high school sports, Part 2

>EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of a two-part series on the recent changes to state high school sports tournaments, the reasons behind them, the impacts to the athletes, and what we think could be done to help turn the economic fortunes around for these events. Yesterday, we gave you an overview of the most recent changes. Today, we discuss whether these changes are good for the kids, and what we think the WIAA should be doing to help change the financial realities of putting on these events.

The moves which we discussed in part one of this series yesterday continue a recently developed pattern of making changes to state tournaments with costs appearing to be the driving factor. Just with the volleyball alone, the WIAA indicated in their recommendations that had they changed the formats for volleyball, they were looking at saving over $12,000; moving the event Lacey probably saves them even more.

But are all these moves good for kids? That is an open question in our view. Wildcat volleyball coach Bonnie Foote, when informed about the decision, thought the decision might help drive more Mount Si fans to attend state, something which has been a problem the last four years in Kennewick due to the long distance. But, Foote also noted some negatives. “Saint Martin’s is going to be crowded and I don’t think that facility really brings on a State Tournament feel. I would rather see it in an arena of some kind,” she said. And she may be right, as the event will be held in their gymnasium, which, according to the school website, holds only 4,300 fans. And possibly fewer than that if they are unable to use some of the bleachers due to the court setup. Way less than what they had in Kennewick, that’s for sure. And another thing, too – all the hotels and restaurants are within a few minutes of the Toyota Center venue over in Kennewick, not to mention the Columbia Center mall is right there as well. Kennewick had plenty of things for the athletes and families to do on their down time, and it was all right there, self-contained within a few short minutes of the venue. This new venue will not have that same luxury, not by a long-shot.

One of the main reasons the 3A and 4A softball events could be held together in Tacoma was because SERA had six fields. It also became a headliner weekend for local youth softball as many players and families got to watch their friends on other teams play. It was also a haven for college recruiters, some of whom used the state event to scout possible high school prospects. Splitting the tournaments up means all that goes away, and that is not good in our view. Especially when the Tri-Cities has a six-field venue in the Pasco Softball Complex. This facility, located right off I-182 next to the TRAC center and Gesa Stadium, the home of the Tri-City Dust Devils minor league baseball team, is right off a major freeway, and has plenty of available parking around the complex. And with Gesa next door, there’s a possible championship venue for state baseball as well, making it better for fans. Not to mention that since the Tri-Cities is on the dry side of the state, rain would likely not be a factor.

These moves which we discussed yesterday follow the WIAA’s move last year to change the state basketball tournament formats, a move which will have tremendous impact on one city, as noted in this Yakima Herald-Republic story. (And we also suspect the volleyball pullout of Kennewick will have similar ramnifications for that community as well economically.) That change alone likely saves the association money, but will force increased travel among other things for schools, something which schools can’t be thrilled with as they all deal with their own budget problems.

The WIAA needs to think “outside of the box”
The Yakima story goes into real solid detail about the dollars and cents behind these moves. But the one thing this story didn’t delve into was how the association could have avoided all this: by also embracing additional revenue sources along with cuts.

One way we think the association can generate additional revenue, maybe helping to offset some of these losses, is by utilizing television coverage more. Currently, only the 3A and 4A state football and basketball championships are televised, by FSN/Root, but other states allow the broadcast of more. Way more. How about volleyball? Baseball? Soccer? Softball? Maybe add the 2A championships in as well, since most of those schools are former 3A schools. Allowing the broadcast of a larger number of state championship events, and maybe select regular season events such as the Emerald City Kickoff Classic could help the association generate additional money.

Granted, it may be hard to find a television provider that would be willing to broadcast all of this, so here’s a good solution: Sign a deal with Comcast to have them produce the games, as they currently do for their On-Demand coverage, then put together a statewide network of stations which would broadcast these events. In Spokane and the Tri-Cities, we propose SWX; in Seattle we would suggest arranging a deal with KING that would see these broadcasts litter their Universal Sports channel.

Another thing that would help is finding a different sponsor for their state championship events. Currently, the WIAA’s events are sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Washington. While we don’t know how much money the association generates from this sponsorship, we would assume that there are probably more lucrative options out there. Such as with Microsoft, Boeing, Safeco Insurance or a host of other big local businesses that would love the additional exposure to two prime demographics: adults 18-49 (who make many of the spending decisions in the home) and teens 14-17 (who are only beginning to form opinions about which brands or companies they will support with their dollars when they get older).

While the existing arrangement has been a good one for both sides for years, it’s time for this arrangement to be looked at again, and for the two sides to go their own separate ways.

This week’s move, while it will be an exciting one for some, in our view continues a trend which we find troubling. This economy has been hard on many people, without question. Youth sports has not been immune, as many club teams can attest to. But at some point, people must wake up and realize what should be most important, and that is to provide kids with the best possible opportunities available to them. In the best possible facilities available to them.

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January 30, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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>Wildcat girls now tied on top of Kingco……1-27-11

>Mount Si’s girls made short work of the Sammamish Totems last night, and thanks to another upset involving league-leader Juanita, find themselves today tied with the Rebels for top spot in Kingco 3A.

Sophomore Molly Sellers was perfect (3-3) from behind the three-point line, helping her score 14 points to lead the Wildcats to a 59-20 win over the Totems. “Good game for her,” said Mount Si coach Megan Botulinski by email. Kassidy Maddux added 11 points and Shelby Peerboom recorded 10 to aid the Mount Si efforts. Haley Chase added 10 rebounds to lead in that category for the Wildcats.

The win, combined with Juanita’s loss against Mercer Island, put Mount Si and the Rebels in a first-place league tie at 10-2 in the league going into the final week of the regular season. The Rebels fell by 20 to the Islanders, who the Wildcats beat twice this season.

Mount Si played without senior Jori Braun, who was held out with a back problem, according to Botulinski. The injury is not serious, and the coach expects Braun to be available Tuesday when the Wildcats play at Bellevue.

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January 29, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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>College scores…

>Some action from Thursday:

-Portland’s men beat San Diego 79-64. Pilot freshman Tanner Riley (North Bend/MSHS) played 14 minutes, most he’s had in some time, and hit one three-pointer and got one rebound.

-Humboldt State’s women beat Cal State East Bay 61-50. ‘Jacks sophomore Caitie Richards saw minutes for the first time in a while as she continues to recover from injuries suffered earlier this season. Richards, from Snoqualmie, collected one rebound.

Today, Portland plays conference leader St. Mary’s at 4:00 p.m. on ESPN2 (channel 32 Xfinity).

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January 29, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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>SnoValley Sports looks at the state tournament changes, and what they mean for high school sports, Part 1

>EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a two-part series talking about the recent changes to state high school sports tournaments, the factors behind them, many of them economic, whether these changes are good for kids, and what can be done to help change the economic fortunes of these events. Part one deals with the nuts and bolts of the most recent changes, part two, tomorrow, deals with the impacts, and what can be done differently to change things.

This week, the WIAA, at its executive board meeting in a somewhat surprising – and disappointing – move in our view, pulled the state 2A, 3A and 4A volleyball tournaments out of Kennewick and moved them to sites in Lacey and Olympia, the second time in just the past two months the WIAA has selected the Lacey-Olympia area to host a state tournament; just last month, at its December board meeting, the state high school sports’ governing body chose to move the 3A softball tournament to a facility off of Marvin Road as part of a split of the 3A and 4A tournaments, with the 4As going to Spokane. Both tournaments had been held in Tacoma for the last several years. We had a story for you about this when this broke back in December.

The WIAA makes available on its website copies of the minutes of recent executive board meetings. We have reviewed the minutes of the meetings from last November and December, so here’s what you should know about both of these moves.

The move of the softball tournaments was expected, after it became apparent in November that Tacoma was not likely to retain the event. According to the November minutes, WIAA staff reported to the board during the November meeting that SERA, the site in Tacoma which had been hosting the event, had not committed to making improvements to the facility unless they were selected to host the tournament out through the 2013-14 school year. As a result, other sites were sought, and the Lacey site was booked fairly quickly.

As we noted previously, there were a number of issues that we – and the WIAA – had with the facility. Among those: fan safety, access issues and parking. Those issues all appear to be addressed well with the new site. The RAC facility is located right off Marvin Road just a few minutes from I-5, and is close to many restaurants and Cabela’s. The Tacoma site was located off a back street off of 56th, and the parking there was in a field. RAC’s parking is all paved.

For Mount Si, moving this event to Lacey, as we also noted previously, will result in increased travel time. Depending on the format, it may result in additional costs for hotels as well, but that will be determined later.

This move, as we noted already, comes as a bit of a surprise. As we told you before, the WIAA had been looking to reduce costs for the volleyball tournaments, and the suggestions that had garnered the most attention involved the format changes. But something which wasn’t as widely reported was that a committee that had been formed to discuss these changes had suggested seeking out alternate sites for the 2A, 3A and 4A events, and that St. Martin’s University in Lacey had been identified as a possible alternate site. But with just three courts compared to the Toyota Center in Kennewick which had four, a move could have resulted in a logistical mess. Instead, the association not only voted to move the 3A and 4A events to St. Martin’s, but according to the Seattle Times, also placed the 2As over at Evergreen State College.

What makes this surprising is that if you read the minutes, you get an impression that they weren’t intending to leave Kennewick, but they were looking to find alternate venues, nonetheless.

So what does this all mean? Find out in part two.

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January 29, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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>Wildcat wrestling battling injuries as it heads to postseason

>Mount Si’s wrestling team is battling some injuries going into the postseason. Those injuries were felt in their final regular season matches, as numerous forfeits hurt the Wildcats in losses to Mercer Island and Issaquah Thursday night.

The Wildcats fell to MI 48-28. Mount Si forfeited the first five matches of the contest, at 112, 119, 125, 130 and 135, putting the Wildcats down 30-0 before any action took place. Each forfeit earned the Islanders six team points. Mount Si coach Tony Schlotfeldt indicated the injury bug has hit his team with a vengeance. “This last week, we suffered four concussions, two back injuries, a major toe injury, so we just had to put in some of our younger guys and forfeit some of the other matches and just kind of lick our wounds and try to come back next week,” Schlotfeldt said. Among those out were Bruce Stuart (130) and John Farmer (189), but Schlotfeldt expects all his wrestlers to be ready to go in the Kingco Tournament next week.

When wrestling got underway, Aaron Peterson went to work at 140 and pinned MI’s Cameron Manzano at 1:36 to get the Wildcats on the board. Jake Lydon (145), A.J. Brevick (160) and Josh Mitchell (285) were the other winners for Mount Si against the Islanders. Mitchell dominated in his match against MI’s Ben O’Connell, pinning the Islander at 2:46. Mitchell used this match to prepare for what lies ahead. “Just going out there (to) work some moves. Now that we’re getting ready for league, I want to go out there and make sure I stay fresh,” Mitchell said.

Mount Si fell to Issaquah in a close one, 41-35. The Wildcats forfeited 119, 125, 130 and 135 to the Eagles, putting Mount Si down big early, but the Wildcats mounted a nice rally. Peterson opened it up at 140 with a major decision win, 10-1, over Issy’s Sean Novak. Peterson, who normally wrestles at 135, didn’t see much change wrestling at the higher weight. “It’s not too much of a difference,” Peterson said. Brevick, Shane Dixon (171), Tim Corrie (189), Mitch Rorem (215), Mitchell and Billy Beach (103) all scored wins for the Wildcats one right after another to help Mount Si climb back into it. Dixon and Corrie won by forfeit; Brevick scored a major decision, 10-0 over the Eagles’ Andy Ramirez, and Rorem and Mitchell both grabbed quick pins of their Issaquah opponents.

Then, at 103, Beach outlasted Louden Ivey of the Eagles for an 8-3 win. It then came down to the 112 match, featuring the Wildcats’ Ryley Absher and Issaquah’s Max Tickman. And from the outset, it was all Issaquah, and if you were watching this match mat-side, you could tell. Absher got worked real hard by his Eagle opponent, who rolled to a 14-1 major decision win.

Mount Si now goes into the Kingco Tournament, and looks to make good strides going into regionals. The Wildcats will be led into the tournament by both Peterson and Mitchell, but some of their younger wrestlers also look to step up, such as Absher. Mitchell had this message for his younger teammates. “They’ve got to work hard everyday. Even if you’re bruised up a little (or) you feel sick, you’ve got to be there giving 110% because if you’re not, there’s teams out there (that are) good and they will whoop on you,” he said.

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January 29, 2011 at 6:34 pm

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